Do you really think that ‘studying English abroad’ is a fad and within a few years time is it going to die down? Well, the answer is a big no because if you really want to learn the language well, you need to learn the language where it has originated. And if you want to learn English and the real nuances of the language, then it’s time to learn English Galway. Have you heard about the language schools in Galway? The language schools in the city offer the cutting edge technology to let you learn English in its original set up.

After Dublin and Cork, Galway is the third most significant city in Ireland. Galway has 80,000 inhabitants and is located in western Ireland at the mouth of the River Corrib. Galway is strongly characterized by its university community: a quarter of the populations are students. So, you can see why Galway is an excellent choice for people wishing to learn English. The large student community creates a vibrant atmosphere in the city and you will have no problems meeting people.

The students are sociable and very outgoing and tend to gather in Galway’s numerous pubs and music taverns in the evenings. If, you choose to learn English Galway, you can be sure that you will have plenty of opportunity to practice your English skills even outside of the classroom whilst getting to know the local student community. The promising location and the staggering economy make Galway one of the most prosperous and financially successful regions and also as one of the most preferred language holiday destination. And if you are serious about to learn the real nuances of English then it is perhaps the best time to learn English Galway.

Yes, it is perhaps the best time to learn English Galway to read, write and speak as ‘they’ do. In fact the English language school in Galway is one of Ireland’s most popular language schools. Throughout the year, the language school in Galway offers English language courses as group lessons, exam preparation courses and combination courses. In fact the English courses for students of all proficiency levels start every week.

As a matter of fact, the English language school in Galway is a member of numerous trade associations such as the IALC (International Association of Language Centres) and the ACELS (Advisory Council for English Language Schools). In addition, the English language courses at the language school in Galway qualify as educational leave in several German federal states.